Why Choose Non-Surgical Facelift?

Our first choice for rejuvenating our face and appearance is not always surgery. In non-surgical facelifts with minimally invasive procedures, we can achieve a refreshed and younger look. Moreover, Surgery can’t fix most skin texture problems and the fine lines on the face, however, nonsurgical devices have positive impacts on them.


Who Is A Good Candidate For A Non-Surgical Facelift?

  • We don’t want to go under the knife and we don’t like large incisions.
  • We prefer to not take the risk of general anesthesia.
  • We like minimal downtime and less discomfort and aftercare.
  • We prefer to pay less cost.

Here in OC Beauty Med Spa, your treatments are personalized to your unique anatomy and face structure. Our experts start with a consultation and based on your exam and also your goals and expectations consider different options to reach the best outcome possible. We are equipped with the newest technology lasers, radiofrequency devices, and other modern tools to achieve our goals.

We also have other treatment options for our clients like Botox for Eye WrinklesNose "Bunny Lines"Mouth Corner Lifting, jawline, Gummy SmilesNeck Wrinkles, Migraine HeadachesUnderarms, Hands & Feet Sweating, and, Jeuveau. 

Our clinic also offer Filler Treatments which can work like a Plastic Surgery treatment. Our Filler Treatment services include Dermal FillersCheek FillerLip FillersNonsurgical NosejobHand RejuvenationLaugh LinesJawline Sculpting,  and Undereyes Filler. 

at OC Beauty Medspa, we also offer Laser Treatment & Skin Care for Red Skin & Red Spots, IPL Photofacial Therapy,  Hair RemovalDull Skin & Dark Spots, Non-Surgical LiftingAcne Scars, Skin PoresCellulite, Chemical PeelingKybella for double chinProfound® Nonsurgical FaceliftFractora® Skin RejuvenationCO2 fractional laser for rejuvenation, Microneedling and Plasma.

And we also offer treatments for men such as Men’s BotoxMens Filler TreatmentMen’s Laser Hair RemovalMen’s Nonsurgical Lifting. 

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