BOTOX®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, or Jeuveau® are they the same?

BOTOX® is a brand name for non-surgical rejuvenation. For long years, BOTOX® was the only injectable treatment for dynamic wrinkles. Most people still use this combo to smooth out crow's feet and frown wrinkles, despite the fact that their options are far more diverse. Injectable neuromodulators such as Dysport®, Xeomin®, and now Jeuveau® are available to patients. Despite the fact that all of these options work in the same way, there are some important differences between them.

Is Botox or another neuromodulator harmful to your health?

When taking BOTOX®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, or Jeuveau®, patients are concerned about the likelihood of harm. All of these substances are made from a neurotoxic substance that, if orally consumed, might cause sickness. But in this case , cosmetic neurotoxins are very low dose and they are not orally consumed.

Is Botox harmful to the muscles that it affects?

Neurotoxins' effects are rarely long-lasting since nerve tissue regenerates. Because most neuromodulators' effects only last three months after BOTOX®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, or Jeuveau®, the cells progressively grow again on their own. Cosmetic neurotoxins, such as BOTOX®, do not damage skin or muscle tissue either, so patients don't have to worry about their appearance being permanently altered if they take one. It is an urban rumor that BOTOX® and similar drugs may "freeze" the face indefinitely. If you don't like how BOTOX® makes your face look, just give it four to six months to return to normal.

How long has Botox been used?

Botox has been approved for cosmetic and aesthetic use for quite some time. Frown lines, glabellar lines (wrinkles between your brows), horizontal forehead lines, and crow's feet (wrinkles at the corners of your eyes) are all treated with it. Since its debut on the market, several botulinum toxin A products such as Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau® have been created.

What Happens If I Use a Different Neurotoxin?

Most users don't notice a change in their results when switching from BOTOX® to another medication like Dysport® or Xeomin®, and Jeuveau® . In a handful of cases, patients report that one chemical works significantly better for them than the other available options. This gap is due to natural differences in human physiology. If you don't like the results from the alternative neuromodulator after a few months, you can return to BOTOX®. Experimenting with neuromodulators is safe.

Our specialists at OC Beauty Med Spa make sure to completely understand your situation before prescribing any treatments. We carefully inspect the desired area of treatment and ensure we understand your exact wants before moving forward. 


We will then provide you with various options that you may choose from. Our experts provide Botox treatments to help you get rid of Forehead Frown Lines, Forehead Horizontal Wrinkles, Eye Wrinkles, Nose "Bunny Lines", Mouth Corner Lifting, Jawline, Gummy Smiles, Neck Wrinkles, Migraine Headaches, Underarms, Hands & Feet Sweating.


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At OC Beauty Med Spa we offer specialized treatments such as Chemical Peeling, Kybella for double chin, Profound® Nonsurgical Facelift, Fractora® Skin Rejuvenation, CO2 fractional laser for rejuvenation, Microneedling, and Plasma


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