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OC Beauty Med Spa isn’t new to Irvine, California. We are honored to have served our community for years and to have doctors, surgeons, and a staff that have decades of experience. If you’re looking for medical care, and Med Spa treatment in Irvine, California from doctors that care about their patients, we are delighted to provide our services to Irvine, CA residents! OC Beauty Med Spa is The Irvine med spa. We are committed to providing the highest quality nonsurgical aesthetic medical services, such as mouth corner lifting, browlift by botox, and forehead frown lines. Here at OC Beauty Med Spa, we believe your inner beauty is what matters most, and our goal is to help our friends in the Irvine community show that to the world. We invite you to meet with our team of highly experienced and industry-leading professionals led by Dr. Sajjadian for a thorough consultation to determine the best options for you. Dr. Sajaddian is a world-renowned plastic surgeon with decades of experience, and more importantly great rapport with his patients and his team! He uses his knowledge of surgical intervention to inform his creation of nonsurgical protocols to the benefit of his clients!


About Irvine, CA

Irvine is a city in the heart of Orange County, California. It is well known for being founded by the Irvine Company. To the east of Irvine, Orange County Great Park features an antique carousel and a giant, anchored helium balloon; you can find another one of our beautiful carousels at the Irvine Spectrum Mall. If you are just visiting you can ride the balloon up for aerial views, or visit one of our amazing restaurants like Maestros. We also have a variety of trails that wind past ancient sycamore trees in Bommer Canyon. If you are a parent you might be interested in the Pretend City Children’s Museum which has a kid-size post office, cafe, and farm. Impressionist art from around California is displayed at the Irvine Museum. Most importantly Irvine is known for its wealth and the beauty of its residents. If you are trying to find your ideal self, please visit OC Beauty Med Spa, which has been serving Irvine, California for years! When you call OC Beauty Med Spa, we aren’t just a vendor we’re a partner in an ongoing journey in finding, and being joyful when you look in the mirror or walk on the street. 


Botox Treatment

OC Beauty Med Spa is your go-to for Orange County botox. Led by Dr. Sajjadian, our team of experienced practitioners can use botox to take care of whatever aesthetic beauty imperfections you desire; such as lifting mouth corners, eye wrinkles aka “crows feet”, and botox raised eyebrows. Botox treatment is safe and extremely effective at treating forehead horizontal wrinkles, eye wrinkles, migraine headaches, and underarm, hands, and feet sweating, and mouth corner lifting.

Filler Treatment

If botox isn’t what you’re looking for, and you’re looking for an alternative to plastic surgery, perhaps filler treatments are what you need. Fortunately for our friends in Orange County, our talented team of experts is also skilled in various filler treatments, such as Dermal Fillers, Cheek Fillers, Nonsurgical Nosejob, Undereye Fillers, Lip Fillers, Jawline Sculpting, and Chin Filler. Filler treatments are an extremely effective, minimally invasive, and safe alternative to traditional plastic surgery, if you’re interested in this treatment visit us for a thorough consultation with one of our experienced professionals.


Laser Treatment/Hair Removal

Our beauty med spa isn’t limited to just botox and filler treatments, we also offer Laser Treatment for skin and hair. Our Laser Treatments consist of: Hair Removal, Dull Skin and Dark Spots, Red Skin and Red Spots.


Industry Leading Professionals


When you are looking for non surgical beautification, and care, whether that is a desire for lip enhancement, one of our nonsurgical nosejobs, or even fillers you always want to partner with aestheticians that care. Here at OC Beauty medspa, we serve the city of Irvine, California with professionals that have a breadth of experience. If as a part of your aesthetic consultation you want to hear about surgical procedures, or from people who are at least aware of the latest in surgical innovations, and what is the most aesthetically pleasing within our current cultural framework. If you want an Undereye filler you should be teaming with a medical spa that will be able to present you with before and after photos of dozens of former patients. Your aesthetician should also be able to tell you whether or not you are actually in need of deeper or more serious surgical procedures, or ongoing treatments that can range from skincare, to Jawline sculpting. 


What Should You Ask


If you are new to Irvine, California, or you’ve been living here for years, you should know about OC Beauty Medspa. At OC Beauty you don’t just find professionals, but a team that is dedicated to informing you, and educating you as a patient. That means that we teach you what you should be looking for when it comes to filler, lip injections, and even surgical procedures. One thing that you may want to ask your, aesthetician, is how many procedures their team has performed, and whether or not they have a doctor on staff. Some medspas don’t worry about getting proper medical opinions. At OC Beauty we were founded by some of the leading surgeons in the field, and all of our procedures and practices are deeply rooted in science. Another question you will want to ask your aesthetic team is whether or not there will be follow-up care or if this is just a single session. At OC Beauty we care about your ultimate goal and journey toward your ideal self. That means that we will instruct you on regular care, whether that is limited to skin care, or ongoing treatment protocols! We don’t want to be a single step in your journey, but part of the team that helps guide you through to where you really want to be. 

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