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Here at OC Beauty Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA, you are our top priority. We want to make sure you receive the best service possible from our highly trained professionals. We offer a wide range of services from our extensive Botox Treatment, to top-notch Filler Treatment, advanced Laser Treatment and Skin Care, and our specialized Men’s Corner services. Whatever you need, we have your back whether it’s assistance with droopy mouth corners, lip filler, low set eyebrow, or preventative skin care.


Our clients are the reason we are here and they deserve to know all about their options, procedures, and any useful tips related to their desired care method. For this reason, we offer a large variety of blogs for you to view in order to better understand our industry and the various treatments that are offered. In addition, we have a gallery where anyone and everyone can see what amazing results follow our procedures. Be sure to check us out and fulfill your dreams. 


About Huntington Beach, CA


A coastal city in Orange County, Huntington Beach is located in Southern California. Its western border is formed by the Pacific Ocean, and it has long been known as Surf City for its 8.5 miles of stunning coastline, warm climate, and top-notch surfing. The City of Huntington Beach is all about surf, sand, sun, and subdued refinement.

Huntington Beach is a byword for the California way of life. Dean Torrence, a member of the 1960s musical duo Jan and Dean and co-writer of the well-known number-one hit "Surf City," claimed that Huntington Beach personifies the attitude of liberation and California fun expressed in the song. The city is also mentioned in "Surfin' Safari" by the Beach Boys and "Surfer Joe" by the Surfaris. A fleet of bobbing longboards, unending sunshine, and ocean swells all contributed to the city's well-earned "Surf City" moniker. Nothing more than HB represents the California surf scene. The unofficial dress code has evolved into a mixture of wetsuits, bikinis, and sandals accessorized with volleyballs, surfboards, and beach towels. This area has some of California's widest, cleanest, and safest beaches.

Huntington Beach, which was voted the "Best City to Live in Orange County" by Orange County Register readers, provides residents with a charming neighborhood with great weather, a diverse economy brimming with good jobs, a variety of housing options, a top-notch educational system, boat marinas, lots of parks, and exceptional health care. 35 miles south of Los Angeles and 90 miles north of San Diego, in Orange County, is where you'll find the city of Huntington Beach. The city, named after railroad tycoon Henry Huntington, who oversaw its construction, is now a hub of activity and entertainment with broad, sandy beaches.

Botox Treatment


Your first choice for Orange County botox is OC Beauty Med Spa. Our team of skilled professionals, led by Dr. Sajjadian, may utilize botox to treat any aesthetic flaws you choose, including lifting mouth corners, eye wrinkles known as "crows feet," and botox raised eyebrows. Botox treatment is safe and extremely effective at treating forehead horizontal wrinkles, eye wrinkles, migraine headaches, and underarm, hands, and feet sweating, and mouth corner lifting.


Filler Treatment


If plastic surgery isn't for you and botox isn't what you're searching for, filler treatments can be the solution. For the benefit of our Orange County friends, our gifted team of professionals is also proficient in a variety of filler procedures, including Dermal Fillers, Cheek Fillers, Nonsurgical Nosejob, Undereye Fillers, Lip Fillers, Jawline Sculpting, and Chin Fillers. If you're considering filler treatments as an alternative to traditional plastic surgery, come in for a complete consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Filler treatments are a highly effective, minimally invasive, and safe solution.


Laser Treatment/Hair Removal


Our beauty med spa offers laser treatment for the skin and hair in addition to botox and filler procedures. Hair removal, dull skin and dark spots, red skin and red spots are all included in our laser treatments.


Industry Leading Professionals


You should always work with aestheticians who care when you're seeking for non-surgical beautification and care, whether it's a desire for lip enhancement, one of our non-surgical nosejobs, or even fillers. At OC Beauty Medspa, we employ professionals with a variety of backgrounds to serve Huntington Beach, CA. If you want to learn more about surgical procedures as part of your cosmetic consultation, speak to experts who are familiar with the most recent surgical advancements and what is visually acceptable in the context of our contemporary culture. If you want an undereye filler, you should work with a medical spa that can show you before and after pictures of numerous previous clients. Additionally, your aesthetician should be able to determine whether you genuinely require ongoing treatments, such as skin care or jawline sculpting, or deeper or more serious surgical operations. 


What Should You Ask


Whether you've lived in Huntington Beach, California for a short while or a long time, you should be aware of the OC Beauty Medspa. Not only will you find professionals at OC Beauty, but also a team that is committed to teaching and informing you as a patient. In other words, we instruct you on what to seek for in terms of filler, lip injections, and even surgical operations. You might wish to enquire with your aesthetician about the number of treatments their team has carried out as well as whether or not they have a doctor on staff. Some medspas aren't concerned about getting reliable medical advice. All of the procedures and practices we use at OC Beauty are firmly grounded in science because we were created by some of the most respected doctors in the industry. You should also inquire with your aesthetic team about if there will be any follow-up treatment or if this will be a one-time procedure. The path you take to become your ideal self and your end objective are important to us at OC Beauty. This implies that we will give you instructions on routine maintenance, whether it's just skincare or ongoing treatment regimens! We want to be a part of the team that helps you get to where you really want to be, not just one step in your path.

Visiting OC Beauty Med Spa from Huntington Beach, California


Fortunately for the residents of Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach borders the city of Newport Beach. Our friendly Newport Beach med spa is not very far from many local Huntington Beach residents who want to see what this OC spa can do for them. If you’re wanting to visit us from Huntington Beach, then all you need to do is hop on 1st Street heading South until it turns into 55 North/Newport Beach Blvd. After you’re off the 55 North and on Newport Beach Blvd, you will turn right onto Hospital Rd. We will be on your right just before Orange Ave. If you need more help finding us, then find our location here. We hope to hear from you soon!

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